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"PROBLEMY ALKOHOLIZMU", a Polish scientific and social monthly, published in Warsaw for 45 years, and since 1992, b y the Polish Sobriety League. The present address of the editorials' office and the League: ul. Lwowska 5, 00-660 Warsaw, Poland, tel. 825-66-26 and 825-69-06

The CONTENTS of every issue of the magazine includes publications about humanistic problems of a human being and alcohol, as well as other addictions in a wide context of the present know-how in the field of law, medicine, sociology, ethics, pedagogics, demography, ecology, literature, economy, and other inter-disciplinary fields. Eminent theoreticians and practicians, specialists known in Poland and abroad are authors of articles.

The PUBLICATIONS represent results of research and scientific considerations on the influence of alcohol (and other drugs and addictive medicines, psychotropic substances, nicotine, as well as other non-standard forms of behaviour of people) upon various fields of the people's life, and analyses and evaluations formulated on their basis. Thus they are source works, opinions, and polemics, information and chronicle notes on the most important events connected with the prevention of addictions, violence, and all types of evil, statements of readers, reviews.

PROBLEMY ALKOHOLIZMU wydanie 504 THE MAGAZINE'S READERS include professionalists, realisers, and co-ordinators of the prevention and solution of alcohol problems and other addictions, pedagogues, psychologists and psychiatrists, doctors, sociologists, lawyers, teachers, priests, the police, the army, and social activists. It gives up the total sum of several thousand faithful readers.

THE EDITORIALS pays especially much attention to problems of the education of the young generation based on well-checked Christian values. A special supplement is added to every issue; it is addressed to teachers, educators, and adolescents and it refers to the popularisation of the sobriety and a healthy style of life of the youngest Poles. There are described experiences, methods, and forms of activities.

There is also a regular column "From Sobriety Works of the Roman Catholic Church", containing materials and documents which are the most important for the works, including speeches and homilies of the Pope John Paul II and other hierarchs of the Church, as well as reports on various sobriety events, the work of priests and orders.

There are also suggestions of unique sobriety works undertaken in prisons, the army, in various adolescents' groups, families, therapeutic communities, educational centres, and other institutions, among the exposed publications of the magazine.

IN THE PAST, i.e. during the times of the People's Republic of Poland, the columns and suggestions presented in the magazine had a strong supportive impact for numerous readers, sobriety activists, and the priests, because, it was a real rarity in socialist countries. Kazimierz Moczarski, a great patriot and apologist of the national sobriety, was among editors shaping the present image of the magazine.

Methods, types and forms of the applied therapies change WITH THE TIME PASSING ON. They follow the truth that the fact of an addiction of a person is influenced today by more and more external elements: the omnipotent chemistry, style of life, pollution of the air, soil, and food with heavy metals. A human being is exposed to interactions of addictive substances occurring in the organism in a polluted environment. Genetic pathologies develop in the youngest persons.

TODAY, THE EDITORIALS of "Problemy Alkoholizmu" and the non-governmental Polish Sobriety League Association face new challenges which are difficult and important. The price includes a healthy and sober nation, a return of Christian values, as well as an efficient liquidation of effects of the lack of social adaptation of persons, which is very important in the Polish way towards the European Union.

However, the problem of the national sobriety, understood within wide frames, forces out a proper and dignified importance among numerous decidents and state officials with a difficulty. The association does not conduct economic activities. It performs its tasks on the basis of subsidies and donations. The functioning of the editorials also depends on them. The team works in difficult office conditions, without a due computer and editing equipment, polygraphic machines, other mobile facilities. Thus, the maintenance of an independent magazine in present conditions always poses a threat of a loss of the possibility of functioning and is similar to "dancing on a rope".

THE POLISH SOBRIETY LEAGUE is a multi-layer and pluralistic society. It respects the autonomy of 10 local sobriety associations confederated with it, but it integrates them and closely co-operates with them. There are free legal counselling services for families with addiction problems, for pupils, students, and employers in the Polish Sobriety League. The Polish Sobriety League runs also a help-line, organises training for young sobriety leaders for teachers and educators from socio-therapeutic centres for children and adolescents from the so-called difficult families. It organises summer holidays for children and adolescents, events, e.g. at the occasion of Christmas, the International Children's Day, competitions, rallies, and many other socially important events.

THE RANGE OF THE POVERTY AND THREATS connected with it is, however, constantly widening, and the group of donors supporting activities for the benefit of the widely understood sobriety, especially among the young generation, is shrinking. But, the problems of a child in a holistic view cannot be postponed. A child cannot wait with its problems. The phenomenon of using alcohol and drugs, as well as health, educational, social, economic, demographic, or criminal threats resulting from it is alarming.

SOCIAL ACTIVISTS, members of the Scientific and Social Board of the Polish Sobriety League, as well as the editorials' team of "Problemy Alkoholizmu" monthly, appeal to men of intellect, who care for the biological health of the young generation to financially support the works of the Polish Sobriety League. We all have to join our efforts in our strives towards making the nation sober.



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